Review Policy

I’m extremely gratified that you are interested in sending books for review! You can contact me through However, please keep in mind that:

  • If I am not interested in receiving a copy then I won’t respond to the email.
  • I only accept print books.
  • If I choose to get a copy for review I will review it and send you an estimation of when to expect the review.
  • My reviews are honest here and they state my personal views on the book as well as giving a description of the book.
  • I may choose to publish the review on other sites, mainly Goodreads.
  • In the review I will state that it is a review copy and that I have received it for free.
  • When I have finished with the book I will keep it or give it to a friend. I won’t sell ARCs after I am finished with them.
  • At the moment I do not host giveaways or blog tours, but I am welcome to post author interviews, links to buy the book, book trailers etc. if asked.
  • In the email please include: author, title of the book, the cover (if possible), a summary and release date.
  • I’m not obligated to review unsolicited books.
  • I accept ARCs and finished copies for review.
  • I welcome authors/publishers/agents to use, copy, distribute and display my review as long as I have been given credit.

Please navigate to The Online Reading Journal button at the top for any previous reviews I have published on allthingswordy for a sampling of how I write reviews here.


Mawa Mahima (moosha23)

allthingswordy blogger

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        1. Yes. She’s been pretty hard to coax into doing things lately but I’ve got a new Friday thing I want to try out and she can help me with that!


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